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We are an all volunteer collective comprised of young people with wealth from across the country who are committed to proving that investing in a just transition to the next economy is possible and in our collective self interest.
As young people with wealth, we have unique access to capital, whether individually, through our families, or through foundations and institutions we are connected to. We are excited to develop ways to leverage this access so we can help movements build a world beyond an extractive capitalist economy.
Group Photo
From the left: Emily Duma, Leah Fury, Jay Saper, Kate Poole, Sha Grogan-Brown*, Margot Seigle & Andrew Meeker (Ari Sahagun not included in photo)
*movement advisor


1383026_10152716992605396_8538293925208379747_nEmily Duma is a food justice organizer with roots in midwestern corn fields and permaculture farming. She is currently serving as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow working with the Center for Community Change on a broad based economic justice campaign calling for guaranteed good jobs for all and reinvestment in communities with concentrated poverty. In her spare time, Emily likes to cook, laugh, build relationships and, as a leader with Resource Generation and a founding organizer of ReGenerative Finance, help other people with class privilege figure out how to trust people more than money and build a world without extractive capitalism.

kpheadshotKate Poole works as a consultant, researcher and comics creator in the fields of local investing and alternative economic development. Right now she’s a turnaround consultant at Friends Rehabilitation Program, a Quaker values-based affordable housing and social service provider. Kate organizes with Resource Generation and Regenerative Finance to leverage her resources and her owning class privilege for social change. You can check out her comics at


Margot Seigle is a movement builder & donor organizer with a knack for organizing transformative retreats who currently resides and works at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Connecticut.  Margot is a founding organizer of ReGenerative Finance and of Lefty Shabbaton, a retreat that brings radicals of Jewish heritage together to build resilient community grounded in Jewish ritual, traditions and practices. She fills her time with music, singing, seasonally appropriate outdoor adventures, creating and framing art, cooking as-locally-grown-as-possible meat, and bedtime stories for the little ones.

As well as Leah Fury, Andrew Meeker, Ari Sahagun & Jay Saper…bios coming soon!

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